About centre

National Competence Centre of Mechatronics and Smart Technologies for Mechanical Engineering (NCC MESTEC) has been established to concentrate R&D capacities of individual departments of the NCC participants and thus execute TAČR initiation project, sub-project and complementary projects, and further enhance commercialization activities defined in joint research agenda.
Research focus of NCC has been conceived so that the Centre combines multidisciplinary research specialisations (design, mechanics, electrotechnics, chemistry, biology, sensors, material engineering, virtual design, etc.). These specialisations target three mutually related technological areas which prioritize machinery production for 21st century.
NCC involves departments from 6 RO a 18 development capacities of businesses.
The project TN01000071 of National Competence Centre of Mechatronics and Smart Technologies for Mechanical Engineering (2019 – 2022) was co-financed with the support of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, within the National Centres of Competence Programme.
* The National Competence Centre gathers a group of departments of its individual members, established from the already existing centres, such as the Competence Centres (TA CR), the Centres of Excellence (CSF), the OP RDI Centres (Centres for the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovations) and other already built infrastructures. Together the departments contribute to the implementation of the research activities in an effective cooperation for the achievement of the defined objectives and are subject to joint management. The departments of individual founding members from research organizations and enterprises are involved through their teams of workers, infrastructure, existing know-how, own resources and integrated and/or complementary research projects. The National Competence Centre focuses primarily on the applied research (industrial research and experimental development or a combination thereof), works closely with the application sector, creating knowledge with a high potential for direct application in practice and gaining a significant share of its income from commercialization activities.

Research programs

The key domain for the industry of the 21st century appears to be, particularly in the conditions of the Czech Republic, the development of technologies enabling the production of smart components and systems that will be the basis of new generation of machines and devices.

Advanced materials

Materials and the material research are the basic prerequisites for (not only) mechanical engineering of the 21st century.

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Additive technologies

The dynamic development of additive manufacturing (AM) in the last decade is one of the major technological themes affecting the entire spectrum of industrial sectors.

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The requirement of effective production and conservation of natural resources can be achieved by applied research and by the development of new technologies and their integration into modern machines, devices, and processes.

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Main aim for establishing NCC is to enhance complex model of efficient cooperation of RO departments and development capacities of businesses for growth of technological competence in the area of smart components and technologies.


Members of research centers and technologically oriented companies

NCC Council

The NCC Council determines the main direction of the NCC activities and supervises its proper performance.

Research programs

Mechanical engineering must respond to the need of processing hard-to-machine and difficult-to-form materials, and the production of heavy and large machines or technological units with increased accuracy and fully automated operations and control.

Technological competencies

Research Programs – Advanced materials, Additive technologies, Mechatronics, Smart Technologies and Virtual Twins


The Center envisages open cooperation with both research organizations and other technology-oriented companies.